Howdy there, young ‘uns!

It’s yer ole pal, Felix from Phoenix, here to talk to you about: Young ‘uns! Yer kids, yer grandkids, yer great grandkids, etc.

Now back in my day, kids were durn important. You wanted to have lots and lots of ‘em, so they could do chores round the ranch. You know….. keeping that durn windmill runnin’; feedin’ them dogs you got for security; stackin’ the kindlin’ for the stove in winter; muckin’ out them stables; cleanin’ up the saddles; and such-like. Then when they got older, they could he’p with the ropin’ and the brandin’ and the herdin’. The more kids ya got, the fewer cowpokes ya needed and the fewer cowpokes ya needed to pay. You gist had keep them kids fed and teach ‘em what to do…..which y’all know is about a full-time job all of its own.

Well, today’s moms have it a little tougher. They don’t chuck the kids out in the barn with shovel and tell to do you-know-what. They gotta tote these kids everywhere – to the store, to the school, to the babysitter, in and outta them car seats all day long. Shovin’ them packages around in the back of them motorized wagons. Bangin’ them big ole purses and gym bags around with ‘em, too. And talkin’ on them phones at the same time. I dunno how they do it!

But I do know that when they is doin’ all that stuff at once –with one, two, or three little ones wrigglin’ around — it’s highly possible they could lose their car keys. Or, even worse, lock ‘em in the car, right along with them kiddos.  Then you got kids cryin’, car runnin’, groceries meltin’, hot sun beatin’ down, and mom freakin’ out of her ever-lovin’ mind.

What the heck do you then?

First of all, you keep calm. Don’t scare them young ‘uns any extra at this point.

Then, call the nice folks at Pop-A-Lock. They got this program called PAL Saves Kids.  If one of your sweet little young ‘uns is locked inside a vehicle, they drop everything they are doin’ and come get your kiddo out of that hot car. Pronto, and I mean, pronto.

And ya know what’s even more amazin’? They reunite you with yer sweet little young ‘un FOR FREE. Yes’m, that’s at no charge. Normally your car door will be opened and you will be back with your bundle of joy in less than 30 minutes, many times 10-15 – and at no cost to you. That makes it a durn sight easier to explain how you lost the keys with your entire family in the back seat, and why Haagen-Dazs mint chip is melted all over the trunk, don’t it??

It’s what they call givin’ back to the community. Ya gotta love a company that thinks like that, don’cha? So put their number in your phone right now, so you have it when you need it – and trust me, you will at some point! Put it under PAL Saves Kids at 602.274.1432. Ya never know when you will need a locksmith, but when you do, you want someone who is trustworthy, local, and knows what to do right then, to rescue that sweet little cowboy or cowgirl from where you locked ‘em, in your backseat.

Take it from your ole pal, Felix from Phoenix. Pop-A-Lock of Phoenix will be there to save you — and your kiddos! — and get you back to your ranch as soon as possible.