Howdy, young uns!

It’s yer friend Felix from Phoenix here. Those nice folks from Pop-A-lock asked me if I could talk to you all about scammers. You know, people who say one thing, do another, and try to git more money out of you in the process.

Now back in my day, we had scammers too. Them boys rode up, looking for a drink of water for their horse, or maybe a little bit shade to take a nap under. Or maybe hoping to sack out in yer barn at night in the winter. And, they’d have some story about how they could fix yer fence or git the windmill working agin, if you could jest see clear to giving ‘em a biscuit or a slab of bacon. And shore ‘nough, if you gave ‘em the biscuit or the bacon, they might fix a foot or two of fence, or fiddle with the windmill for a bit. But actually git the job done like a stand-up cowboy would?! No-huh!

And these here locksmith scammers are kinda the same, but worse. A nice folk like you calls ‘em up, looking for help in a pinch when you’ve lost yer keys out around the rodeo corral, or locked yersef out of yer ranch house doing something stupid (how many of you all done something stupid at least once in yer lives? I know I have, but that may be a topic for another day.).  And them scammers tell you it’s only gonna cost $15 to git you in that house or that car. In a pinch, yer thinking, $15 smackeroos ain’t bad, git on out here and hurry up!  So you don’t ask them things like are there any additional costs, and what experience do they have working on a heap like the jalopy you own, and could they actually make you a new key, vs. just opening up your car for ya.

These scammers, their real trick is when they get out in front of you, they finally tell you the full cost, and it’s like $200!!!  Now, it’s a damn stretch of yer old wallet to $200 when they tole ya $15, ain’t it? And if you don’t got the dough, they’ll harass you for it, or even follow ya to the ATM ( Ain’t those something? A machine that gives you money!) to pay them off. Why them scammers would take all your cash and leave you without yer milk money! Just like the young whippersnapper who watered his horse and slept in my barn and the slipped out a daybreak without doing a lick of work: trying to take advantage of a situation for their own betterment!

Yer Solution!

Well, these nice folks at Pop-A-Lock don’t work that way at their bid-ness. They get information from you upfront about what you need, what kinda car you got, where you are located at…and then they tell you how much it’s gonna cost to get that job done for you. And they stick to that price unless you ask them to do more work for you, like make extra keys so you don’t feel quite so stupid another time.

And all of their locksmiths know what the heck they’re doing. They’ve got experience (now there’s something I got in common with ‘em!) and training on all kinds of locks, cars, keys…even them remote ones that open up the car from clean across the parking lot.

So take it from me, yer old friend Felix. When you need a locksmith — and trust me, you will, it’s just a matter of when — call Pop-A-Lock, your trusted security professionals. They’ll help you out with prompt, professional service for a fair price. And you can’t beat that!