Security is a key consideration every time you’re selling a home, but it’s also an area where people often cut corners. Follow these tips to keep the homes you’re selling more secure and provide a better overall experience for buyers and sellers.

1. Upgrade to Electronic Lockboxes

Mechanical lockboxes have been around for centuries, and many realtors still use them even though there are now much more advanced options available. There are a few major problems with using mechanical lockboxes.

Once you’ve given the lockbox combination to a client, they can access the house at any time until you change the combo. You can’t be sure who has access to the house anymore, because people could simply give the code to anyone.

You either need to go to the trouble of changing the combo often, or risk people having unauthorized access to the house. Electronic locks provide far superior security. You can set them up so that they only unlock between certain hours, avoiding the concern of someone entering the house in the middle of the night.

There are electronic lockboxes that have one-day combos, so the combo is never the same from one day to the next. You can also track when electronic lockboxes are used.

2. Toughen Up Those Deadbolts

While deadbolts are an excellent security feature, they are far from impenetrable. By using enough force, a determined burglar can cause the deadbolt screws to tear out of the door frame, rendering it useless.

You can easily upgrade a deadbolt by inserting longer and more durable screws that go deep into the studs of the door frame. This can double the strength of the deadbolt, which may make the difference in whether it holds up when a burglar attempts to kick in the door.

Upgrading deadbolt screws is inexpensive and shows clients that you go above and beyond to make sure their new home is safe.

3. Place the Lockbox by the Front Door

Realtors sometimes decide that it’s better to place the lockbox in a more discrete location than the front door, believing that this provides an extra layer of protection. In reality, all this does is inconvenience your clients.

You don’t want to make it more difficult for clients to gain access to the house. When a criminal sees a For Sale sign in the front yard, they will recognize that there is a lockbox on site, and having the lockbox around the corner will not be much of a deterrent.

Most will actually prefer if it isn’t in plain sight– criminals do not want to call attention to themselves, and it is difficult to discretely crack a lockbox when it’s right out front.

They would prefer work on it out of plain sight. A location near the front door is the best place for a lockbox. Instead of finding places to hide a lockbox, choose an electronic lockbox so you can feel confident in its security.

Re-key Locks Instead of Replacing Them Most buyers realize that it’s smart to switch the locks after purchasing a home. You never know who the previous owners handed keys out to, but to replace the actual locks, you would need to take out the old lock hardware, purchase new hardware, and then install it, which can take quite a bit of time.

There is a much easier way to handle changing those locks – re-keying. When a lock is re-keyed, the locksmith reconfigures the inner mechanism of the lock and then cuts keys that match that lock. Only those new keys will work with the re-keyed lock, and the old keys become unusable.

It’s the same result as if you replaced the entire lock; however, without the hassle and cost of pulling out the hardware and putting new hardware in. Another benefit of re-keying is that you can have as many locks re-keyed as you would like, so they all use the same key.

If a client has multiple homes, they can have the locks re-keyed to have the same key work all of the homes. Say goodbye to fishing around for the right key because you have 10 on your keychain!

You can also re-key locks if you don’t have the matching key for that lock. Keys often end up lost during moves, and re-keying locks provides a convenient solution for your clients.

Throw in Re-keying for Your Clients

Trying to figure out what to get your clients as a closing gift? Show your clients you care about their safety by purchasing the re-key for them! You don’t need to break the bank with Pop-A-Lock’s special deal. We will re-key up to four locks for just $99, and each additional lock is only $10!

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