When you think of car safety for your child, you are likely thinking of seat belts and car seats. Although these things are important in keeping your child safe while riding in a car, there are other things you should consider teaching your children in order to keep them safe in and around the car.

Car Trunks

The trunk of a car is obviously not a place for a child to play. As parents it is important to teach children not to climb into the trunk of a vehicle at any time.

We need to ensure that we do our part to make our children aware of the dangers that can come with getting locked in the trunk of a car; however, each year many curious children still decide to crawl into it anyways and end up locking themselves in!


Any car that was manufactured in 2001 or after has a trunk release inside the trunk that can be used in order to open the trunk if a child is accidentally locked inside of it.

Many of them actually glow in the dark with the intention of hoping children would naturally reach for it! You can teach your child car safety by showing them where the trunk release is and how it should be used in case they are ever locked in the trunk.

As a side note, as scary as this topic is, this is a survival skill to teach just in case they were ever abducted. Another consideration is for trunks without a trunk release, teach them to kick out the taillight and put their hand out of the hole to get someone’s attention!

Door Locks

When children, especially younger ones, are inside of the car and the doors get locked, either by accidentally locking your keys in the car or because they are playing in the vehicle, this can be a dangerous situation.

Because of child safety locks, they may attempt to open the door, but the door may not open and they will feel trapped. What they do not realize is there are a couple of simple ways of unlocking the door in order to get it to open.


Teach them to climb in the front seat and use the automatic door unlock button on the driver or passenger side doors. You will need to instruct them on which button it is and how to recognize the button that will unlock the door.

If your vehicle does not have automatic locks, then you will need to teach them how to manually unlock the doors by pulling up on the lock or pushing the door lock to the side depending on the type of vehicle you have.

It is important to show your child these simple ways of unlocking the doors so they are not trapped in the vehicle for any length of time and do not panic if the doors are somehow locked.

Safety Around Vehicles

Teaching your children how to be safe around vehicles is extremely important. Many children play behind or crawl underneath vehicles that are parked, and unfortunately, accidents or tragedies occur every single day across the nation.


Avoid only telling them to stay out of the street because the moving vehicles can harm them, rather instruct them about car safety even when a vehicle is parked.

Children do not think that there is any risk when a car is parked, but what they don’t realize is a parked car can be a huge danger to them, even those in their own driveway. Set some simple ground rules with your kiddos that playing in or around a vehicle is an absolute “No-No.”


When you are at home with your children, you should designate a certain safe spot for your children to stand whenever someone is leaving. You will want to ensure that it is someplace where the driver of the vehicle will be able to see the children. The driver will then be able to watch for the children while they are pulling out of the driveway or away from the house.

For Emergencies, Call Pop-A-Lock

Parents want to ensure that their children are safe in all situations and it is no different around vehicles. Even when children are taught these different ways to be safe and all precautions are taken, there is still a chance that they get locked in and won’t remember how to get out.

If this ever happens to your child, FIRST call 911, and then IMMEDIATELY contact a Pop-A-Lock Locksmiths.

With their PAL Saves Kids program, they will drop everything and RUSH to you to save your child, or even a pet, and the service is absolutely FREE!

While you’re at it, you may even consider having the locksmith at Pop-A-Lock make a spare key for you to have when you need it. For locksmith and emergency unlock services, call us at (602) 274-1432.