Do you know how quickly someone could get into your home if you haven’t re-keyed it?

Deric Czarapata, General Manager of Pop-A-Lock of Phoenix demonstrates that it takes 4 SECONDS OR LESS to get into your home!  How did he do that?  Well…he had a key!

We’ve had customers who moved all of their belongings into their new home, but stayed at their hold residence for one night to clean. When they showed up in the morning, all of their belongings had been broken or stolen.  The worst part is that the insurance company did not want to cover it because the new owners did not take the precaution of re-keying their home.  It was considered unforced entry because someone used a key to get in.

You never know who the previous owners handed keys out to, so we recommend re-keying your home THE DAY YOU TAKE OWNERSHIP!  An ounce of prevention would have gone a long way in this case!

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