Howdy, there young ‘uns! It’s yer ole pal Felix from Phoenix with a few thoughts about what they call Paying it Forward.

Now, back in my day, we was always paying it forward; givin’ some down-on-his-luck cowboy a chance to hire on for a few weeks, puttin’ up some ranch hand for a few weeks and seein’ if he can tote the bale, advancin’ some young cowpoke on his wages so he can take out some pretty little thang he’s got his eye on…. before she slipped off with some city slicker who smooth talked her.

We was always looking to hep out a friend, a neighbor – – or even stranger when they needed it.

The nice folks at Pop-A-Lock here in Phoenix are always helping out strangers.

Unlockin’ yer car doors, lettin’ you in yer houses, changin’ yer locks.  At all hours of the day and night, too. They’re always available to hep you out with keys, locks, or any other crazy security stuff you need.

Now of course, they do get paid for he’ping folks out…reasonable rates, of course, but what you may not know is all the things them Pop-A-Lockers do….

—-Fer FREE….Fer absolutely nothing.

Fer example, if you’re a dumb ole cowpoke like me and lock yer keys in yer ole pick-up truck, with yer mangy ole dog inside, them Pop-A-Lock folks will unlock yer truck for ya…. fer free. No cost to git yer ole mutt out rooting around in the yard again, instead of ripping up your car seat upholstery.

And, even better….

If ya lock yer sweet little young ‘un in yer car with yer keys, them Pop-A-Lockers will drop everything they’re doin’ and hightail it on over to git that little bundle of joy out of the car — before it melts. Back into your lovin’ arms, where they can scream and squawk and cry the way little ones do after they’ve had a scare like that.

Them Pop-A-Lockers, they do a lot of community stuff, too. Free home security audits, self-defense training, supportin’ our veterans…and those boys sure do deserves our hep, don’t they?  They’re out there makin’ Phoenix a better place to live for everyone.

So, I got an idea! How about Paying It Forward on Aril 28th, International Pay It Forward Day, and tellin’ someone you know about Pop-A-Lock?  Ya never know when you’ll need a locksmith – – but trust me, you will! – And them nice folks at Pop-A-Lock will be happy to hep you out.

And they’ll be out there, Paying It Forward on April 28th …..and every day of year, too.  They even have a special Pay It Forward day every month on the 15th!

Darn nice folks, them Pop-A-Lockers.