Safes are an extremely simple way to protect your most valuable possessions in your home and business.

From expensive jewelry to firearms to irreplaceable documents, this extra level of security can save you huge heartaches and headaches! There are a few important tips to follow when choosing the right safe for your home or business.

Review the Safe’s Cash Rating

Determining the safe’s cash rating will give you an idea of how easy it is for thieves to break into the product. The rating is determined by how complex the locking system is and the durability of the safe.

There are many safes that a burglar can simply use a strong magnet to slide the lock open! Most safes at a big box store do not have high cash ratings and therefore are not the best line of defense for keeping burglars away from your valuables or children away from your guns.

Review the Safe’s Fire Rating

Here’s a few things to think about. Do you have a home or business that is close to other houses or businesses or is you the property free standing on a large lot? Is your business an office building or a restaurant?

These are the types of questions that help to narrow down what fire rating is appropriate for you. If you have a home or business that is near others, the fire chief will most definitely order the fire to be put out aggressively in order to protect the surrounding buildings or homes, so you may be able to get away with a lower fire rating.

Also, restaurants tend to have a higher risk of fire due to the grease used in the kitchen near open flames. This would tend to have us recommending a higher fire rating on a safe in those cases.

If you need a safe for valuable documents that need to be protected, find a product that is U.L. rated or U.S. made certified. It’s also necessary to find an item that has a fire seal on the door and will prevent moisture from getting inside of the box to prevent corrosion from forming on your valuables.

Consider the Size

To determine the size that will work for your needs, make a list of all of the items in your home that need to be placed in the safe. So many times, people don’t think though this and end up underestimating the size that they needed.

You’ll also need to find a discrete place where the safe can be installed to ensure that it’s hidden and is out of sight. We recommend finding a product that can be anchored to prevent it from being moved by burglars who enter the home or office.

We’ve seen a burglar remove a safe that was not installed properly, flip it upside down and hammer the pins out to gain full access to the safe. Proper installation is a must. Larger safes will allow you to use the product for many years as you acquire more valuables.

When it comes to owning a smaller safe, the box can be easier to hide instead of a larger safe. Floor safes can be installed in the floor but may not protect the items inside in a fire because they don’t contain a fire board that will dissipate the heat of the flames. Floor safes can also be vulnerable to flooding.

Take Note of the Lock

If you want to use a safe that is extremely secure, opt for purchasing one that has a combination lock and can be opened with a secret code that you use.

Locks that require keys can often lead to issues if the key becomes lost, stolen or duplicated. A professional locksmith can help you if you ever were locked out of your own safe; however, be prepared to prove that the safe, in fact, belongs to you.

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