Imagine being able to literally schedule a key for your business to work only during certain hours. If an employee works from 9:00am to 5:00pm, their key can be scheduled to work from 9:00am to 5:00pm only.

A digital audit can also be viewed showing management who entered which doors at which time. If a key is lost or an employee leaves the company, the key can be immediately deactivated. Re-keying locks can be a thing of the past and the business is protected against theft from employee turnover.

The applications are endless and all for a fraction of the cost of most other forms of access control on the market! Medeco XT locks consist of an eCylinder with contacts and the power is in the key!

We simply replace the cylinder of the already existing door hardware! Medeco XT locks are durable, high-quality electronic locks that guard lives and assets globally.

Medeco has been making locks in the US for almost 50 years. They have a range of applications for different commercial facilities, giving you an unlimited number of options to suit your business’ security needs. Medeco locks are extremely difficult to drill and are pick-resistant to dissuade even the most determined of thieves from attempting to break in.


Medical facilities have certain additional security requirements, such as HIPPA compliance and monitoring any rooms that house pharmaceuticals.

It is of high importance that specific rooms remain “off limits” to certain employees. With Medeco XT, you are able to program a key to only open certain doors. Management can also receive an internal digital audit showing both authorized accesses and unauthorized entry attempts.

Commercial Businesses

The average business loses $1,800 in a daytime burglary and even more in the evenings. Most of these thefts happen because someone made an unauthorized copy of the business’s key or entered after hours.

Medeco XT provides key control in that the key cannot be duplicated and, again, the key can be programmed to only work during certain hours.


In today’s world, student safety is more important than ever. Many schools find it difficult to monitor access to every door and room in the school at all times.

The safety of the students and faculty are of the utmost importance, so having a handle on who is coming and going can help thwart many potential problems.

Schools also experience many thefts of valuable items, such as computer equipment, lab materials, and band equipment, to name a few. It’s overwhelming to spend thousands of dollars re-keying these facilities every time there is student and faculty turnover.

With Medeco eCylinder, controlled access can be addressed in a matter of minutes. Medeco XT also reduces the concerns that arise from lost keys thanks to remote programming and intelligent key validation intervals.

Retail Establishments

When it comes to the security of a retail property, it isn’t just shoplifters a manager has to worry about; monitoring access to inventory and payment equipment also needs to be on the radar.

Medeco XT is a complete electronic locking system that provides both controlled access and physical security. Never worry again about whether an employee could duplicate the key or a thief could tamper with the lock. The power is in your hands.

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