A unique idea that real estate agents can use as a closing gift for clients as well as several tips on marketing mindset, security and getting more referrals!

What are your best techniques for gaining large amounts of referrals?
The best way is to have someone else tell your client how amazing you are, while at the same time showing your client you care deeply about them and their families.  Before we get that, let us start with a quick marketing mindset tip for you.

We could not recommend a book more highly than one called The Big Leap.  One of the main points in the book is, what the author, refers to as “The Zone of Genius.” We all have things we naturally are good at and could make money at, but what would it be like if you identified what LIGHTS YOU UP and IGNITES YOUR PASSION?

When it comes to being an entrepreneur of any kind, we wear so many different hats and there is zero chance that we are good at everything, or have the time for everything for that matter.  If you had 10 tasks in front of you, you’d naturally choose the couple to do first that lights you up and you find so easy to accomplish.  Then there are other things that are against your grain and you naturally procrastinate at.  The magic happens when you become resourceful at outsourcing the tasks that are against your grain, so you can SHINE in your Zone of Genius!  Let go of the burden of taking on everything and welcome into your life more of what you excel at.  The effect that will have on gaining more referrals and ultimately skyrocketing your finances is unbelievable!

Realtor Safety!
Tiffany with Pop-A-Lock also teaches street-smart self-defense seminars to realtors.  She holds a 2nd-degree black belt in two forms of martial arts.  She was attacked and only knew 3 self-defense techniques at the time.  She used 2 of those techniques and it ended up saving her life.  If you’re interested in holding a seminar at your office, feel free to contact her at azpopalockmarketing@gmail.com

A Closing Gift in Less than 1 Minute that Shows You Care!
One of the best ways in to the heart of a client is to show you care about their safety and the safety of their family.  The will leave a lasting impression for sure.  One of our goals is to make you look like an absolute rock star to your client for caring so much about them.  We have perfected that third-party testimonial for you leading to many referrals from your clients!!!

How Does the Realtor Discount Program Work?
With our realtor discount program, show your clients you care about their security by purchasing the re-key for them! Pop-A-Lock of Phoenix includes a COMPLIMENTARY security audit on your behalf! For each re-key, all you need to do is fill out a very short online form, sign up for secure credit card payment, and they do the rest! You don’t even need to show up at the property; Pop-A-Lock of Phoenix handles that directly with the homeowner and you receive a receipt once the work is completed. They will keep you up-to-date on the progress of their re-key, so you know exactly when the re-key is scheduled as well as completed, and then you can have the peace of mind knowing that your client is safe and secure in their new home.

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