3 Simple Ways to “Beef Up” the Security of Your
Home, Commercial Property or Business.

According to the FBI, EVERY SINGLE MINUTE, 64 properties are broken into.
The best way to combat this awful statistic is to take some very simple, inexpensive steps to deter the would-be burglar! Sometimes when we think of “beefing up” the security, we tend to assume it’s a difficult process and very pricey.  We’ve studied “In the Mind of a Burglar” and we’re here to tell you about some very quick, affordable ways to show those burglars who’s boss!

1.  The Ring Doorbell System for Homeowners
This video doorbell is so simple, affordable and effective!  Imagine you are at work and you receive an alert on your phone that someone stepped onto your property.  From your phone, you are able to see exactly who is at your home and, even more, you can speak to them!  They have no idea if you are in your home or somewhere else!  If the person looks suspicious, you can make them believe you’re home by saying something like, “I’m sorry, we just sat down to dinner.  I can’t come to the door right now.”  That would have any would-be burglars assuming you are home and they’d head on their merry way.  There are so many other applications to the Ring Doorbell system, such as, letting the UPS driver know where to leave your package, or speaking to your child when they lost their key.  Having a visual around your entire home is a must nowadays and we can help you figure out your exact needs allowing you to have peace of mind knowing your home is safe.

2.  Smart Locks for Homeowners, Property Managers and Business Owners
How great would it be if you could unlock and lock your door from your phone no matter where you are? How about the benefit of being able to reprogram a keypad from your phone?  I’ll tell you personally, it’s great!  There are so many reasons that smart locks can make your life easier, but here are just a couple of examples.

If you are a property manager responsible for multiple properties, do you know how much time you would save you by reprogramming the lock without having to physically travel to the property?

If you are a business owner, how great would it be to reprogram the lock immediately if an employee was terminated?

If you are a homeowner and needed to let someone into your home, like a cleaning service, how nice would it be to simply unlock the door for them from your phone, or reprogram the keypad after they left?  You get my point.  With our busy lives, this could be a major time saver as well as a wonderful way to “beef up” your security!

3.  Check Your Existing Locks
Unfortunately, most of the locks that you would purchase from your local hardware store don’t have what it takes to stand up to the challenge of a burglar. They are typically known as Grade 3 locks.  I’m not one of the locksmiths in our company and I can even pick into them very quickly!

There are brands like Medeco for homes, Medeco XT for businesses and other Grade 1 or Grade 2 locks that are so much more difficult for a burglar to breach.  If you’ve heard of the term “bump picking” a lock, these higher grade locks tend to be “bump proof” meaning that the typical tactics a burglar would use will not work on these locks.  They are also made of materials that make it near impossible to even drill the lock out.  Single-sided deadbolts for those of you who have window next to your front door, as well as several other options are also available based on your needs.

4. Bonus Tip
For Homes: burglars are more deterred by a Beware of Dog sign on your house than a security sticker itself!

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