You Get into your Car Ready to Leave for the Airport and your Key Doesn’t Turn; What do you do?

Let’s see. You just stuffed your suitcase into your trunk, along with your computer briefcase, the overcoat you’re going to need in the Midwest, and the cell phone charger you almost forgot on the counter in your kitchen. You have just enough time to get to Sky Harbor and park in the remote parking lot, like your company’s expense policy requires. You put your key in the ignition, but it won’t turn.

You try again. Again. And again.

Oh crap, now what? And when is the next direct flight to Minneapolis, because this is not looking good.

First of all, please do not keep turning the key in desperate hope of a different result. Chances are, you will eventually break the key, which will only make your problem worse and the solution more expensive.

Second, you can try some of the easy fixes:

Make Sure your Car is in Park

  • Yes, this sounds very stupid, but it’s very possible to turn off your car engine while vehicle is still in Drive…and then leave it there. Just put your foot on the brake, put the car in Neutral, and try the key again. Hopefully, it starts.

Unlock Your Steering Wheel

  • Put your key in the ignition, and then gently wiggle the steering wheel back and forth. If the steering wheel lock disengages, the key should turn, and voila, your engine rumbles.

Work with your Key

  • Pull your key out very slightly, and then gently turn it again; maybe a wafer is off in your ignition. Sometimes a wafer will shift or get stuck causing the ignition to lock up and therefore not allowing your key to turn.  The stuck wafer can be replaced if there hasn’t been too much damage, or your ignition can be fully replaced if it’s able to be repaired.
  • Another possibility is that your key is wearing out and therefore not lining up properly with the wafers. Get a replacement made as soon as possible, so you won’t find yourself in this sorry situation again soon.

Call Pop-A-Lock for the quickest solution to your problem

  • We come to your location. Most of the time, we can there in under 30 minutes.
  • Our experienced team quickly assesses if your problem is your key, your ignition, or both.
  • Our goal is simple: to get you on your way as quickly as possible, saving you a time consuming, expensive trip to the car dealer. We have the ability to make most car keys right on the spot.
  • When you call us, please provide your location, along with the year, make, and model of your car. We can generate a new key immediately. as well as, repair or replace your ignition on the spot!

Key Pop-A-Lock Differentiators

  • Trained and experienced locksmith technicians — we don’t experiment on your vehicle!
  • Price quote guaranteed – we quote a price for your services, and you pay that price. No add-ons, upcharges, extra service fees, or other infuriating monkey business.
  • You’ll know it’s us – look for our brightly marked Pop-A-Lock van, with a cactus on the side!
  • Prompt, Efficient, Professional – Pop-A-Lock will be there when you need us, and will get you on your way to your destination as quickly as possible.