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We service all types of businesses and commercial buildings, offering you and your business a comprehensive selection of locksmith and security solutions.  Not sure the best way to solve your problems? No problem! We educate and consult with you to decide on the best solution to fit your situation.  Complimentary initial consultations are our way of effectively meeting your needs.  

You’ll find some of the fields that we serve below.   We are here to help, regardless of your specific industry or location.

Property Managers

We understand the challenges that you face with juggling so much at once.  Our goal is to help streamline the process for all of your locksmithing needs.  We work with many property managers who simply give us a call or fill out the Internet form below. They don’t even have to meet us at the property; their trust in us saves them valuable time.  We want you to be able to schedule quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to what matters most!  ASK US ABOUT OUR SPECIAL PRICING FOR PROPERTY MANAGERS!

Facility Managers

You amaze us with all that you are responsible for!  From ensuring the safety of your facility, to controlling costs, to staying on top of federal and state regulatory and compliance standards, you have a lot to juggle. Because facility safety is one of our specialties, we are extremely competitive with our pricing, and we are very well versed in the compliance standards to which you are held.  Plus, we provide a streamlined process to help making scheduling as easy and efficient on you as possible!

Business Owners

As business owners ourselves, we understand all of the hats you wear, as well as where the challenges arise!  We have so many solutions to help your business to avoid downtime.  From helping you create a system and implement true key control with your employees, to break-in prevention, to educating you as to which safe can help you best protect your business’s most valuable possessions – – we are here for you with quick, turnkey solutions!

Two high value solutions to consider:

  • High security safes that protect your cash as well as your most valuable possessions
  • Medeco XT – You can set the key to only work during certain hours and every time the key is used, you receive an internal audit.  You can see who tried to use what key on what door and what time! Watch the video below!

We work with a large number of churches throughout The Valley and we understand the special challenges that churches face with regards to security.  Many churches have difficulty with key control. There are so many members who need keys; it becomes an overwhelming task to keep up with who has what key, and tracking down that key if the member ever leaves the church. Unfortunately, theft can be a large issue because of this challenge.

We can help you create a very simple master key system, so the control is back in your hands.  You will always know who has what key.  We can also help you to have certain keys only open certain doors, increasing the security of your church dramatically!  Another valuable tool is installing a high security safe on the premises.  Schedule your free consultation and we’ll take wonderful care of you.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities face unique challenges due to the sensitivity of Personal Health Information and the high value of pharmaceuticals stored within your building.  We work with a significant number of medical facilities throughout The Valley. Several options can aid you to secure your space and keep certain rooms inaccessible to employees without clearance to those medications or documents.  With HIPPA guidelines ever more important, we can help you stay in compliance, as well as keep your patients safe from improper dispensing of medications.

Two high value solutions for medical facilities are:

  • High security safes that protect your cash, as well as your most valuable documents
  • Medeco XT – You can set the key to only work during certain hours and every time the key is used, you receive an internal audit.  You can see who tried to use what key on what door and what time! Watch the video below!

Schedule your free consultation, and we’ll educate you on all of your options!


Cheers to you for bringing delicious food to The Valley!  Restaurants face distinctive concerns when it comes to the safety and security of your business. We work with many restaurants across The Valley to ensure safety of their cash and their property.

The risk of fire is much higher for restaurants than most other buildings, which is why we strongly recommend a commercial safe with a much higher fire rating to keep your money and other valuables protected.

Another special consideration in your industry is the unfortunate reality of a high turnover rate of employees.  We offer extremely effective and efficient solutions to solve those security issues that arise.  One such solution is our Medeco XT system.  The key is powered, and you are literally able to have a key work only during certain hours, as well as disarm the key immediately upon the termination or release of an employee.  You also receive an internal audit each time a key attempts to open a door, so you have full control and eyes on your facility even when you are not present.  See the video below for more information!  Schedule your free consultation, and we will guide you through all available options!


A Simple, Inexpensive Solution to your Security Needs!  Can you imagine the benefits of being able to schedule a key to only work from 9-5 during an employee’s work hours?  Can you imagine the peace of mind you’d have knowing that you get an alert every time a key even attempts to open a door? Can you imagine being able to instantly shut off a key upon terminating an employee?  Full-wired access control can cost thousands of dollars per door and you can’t take it with you if you ever move. 

With Medeco XT, we simply switch out the cylinder in the existing hardware and the power is in the key!  You have full control with your software system.   Certain instances, such as medical facilities, require certain rooms to be “off-limits” to certain employees.  With the click of a button, you can program exactly which key opens which doors.  Medeco XT puts control back into your hands and peace of mind back into your heart.  Call or contact us for a quote!

Commercial SAFES

Commercial properties require special consideration when planning to deter the possibility of a robbery, burglary or internal theft.  Safes provide the ability to effectively secure and manage cash in your restaurants and retail establishments.  Pop-A-Lock delivers high quality, proven safes that will reduce your exposure to loss due to theft or fire in the most cost-effective manner.

Choosing the right commercial safe for your location depends on your specific needs.  For example, restaurants have a higher possibility of a fire due to the cooking grease and ovens, so we strongly recommend a higher fire-rated safe to protect your cash and valuables.  Did you know that if you own or operate in a stand-alone building, emergency managers may choose to let it burn to the ground versus choosing to fight the fire much more aggressively if there are attached or nearby properties that could be affected?

Analyzing fire-ratings based on these different scenarios is extremely important. Let us discuss with you the specific security threats of your location and see which solution makes the most sense for you.


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