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There are so many wonderful causes both locally in The Valley as well as nationwide, and these are several that we spend quite a bit of energy supporting.

PAL Saves Kids  |  Veteran Success Project  |  Self-Defense  |  Safety Seat Check  |  New Life Center  |  St. Jude

PAL Saves Kids

Whenever a child or pet is locked inside of a vehicle, we treat it as an absolute EMERGENCY and unlock the car door for FREE! Nationwide, Pop-A-Lock saves over 13,000 children each year. Arizona ranks #4 in children dying from heat strokes in hot vehicles.

Our goal is to turn around that awful statistic quickly. Can we get your help spreading the word? Please share our phone number with your friends and family today. You could potentially save a child or pet’s life!

Share our phone number for quick access: 602-274-1432

VETERAN Success Project

First of all, we are forever indebted to the brave souls who fight for our country every day. We cannot even begin to express our gratitude and are humbled by your selflessness. With that said, we are huge supporters of the Veterans Success Project. Their sole focus is to help veterans seamlessly transition from military to civilian life with clear goals and direction. There are so many challenges that are faced and this organization wants to help get these veterans moving forward without utilizing their G.I. Bill until absolutely necessary.  They are helping over 500 veterans PER MONTH! For more information CLICK HERE for the website.

Spreading Security through STREET-SMART Self-Defense

Tiffany, our VP of Marketing and Community Engagement Officer, has taught self-defense for over 17 years. She was studying martial arts for 2 weeks when she was attacked by a man. She used the very simple few techniques that she had already learned, and they saved her life. She became very passionate about educating men and women to develop awareness and to protect themselves should they be faced with danger.

Realtors are one group that Tiffany focuses on. They face potential dangerous situations on a very regular basis. Remember to keep your eyes up and be aware of your surroundings; avoiding an attack is half the battle!

SAFETY SEAT Check Saturday

We are very passionate about this national event.. The MAJORITY of car seats are installed improperly, leading to safety risks. Car seats reduce the risk of infants being killed in a car crash by 71% and toddlers by 54% — but only if the car seat is put in place the correct way. Every year in the fall, Safety Seat Check Saturday takes place. You are able to get your car seat inspected by a professional!


Every 44 seconds in Arizona, a child witnesses an act of domestic violence. New Life Center is here to empower victims. Each year, New Life Center provides more than 24,000 nights of safety to women and children. They also are one of the very few shelters that take in sons as well. 95% of the families that come through our doors do not return to the abusive environment from which they came. “Saving Lives, Building Futures…Empowering Women and Children Escaping Domestic Violence.” For more information CLICK HERE for their website.

ST. JUDE CHILDREN’S  Research Hospital

St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Pop-A-Lock nationwide raised over $160,000 for St. Jude in 2016. This allows families to not pay for any medical bills, medication, room and board or food. To know we helped to take that burden off of these families facing one of the most difficult challenges of their lives warms our hearts.

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