PROPERTY MANAGERS:  We understand the challenges that you face with juggling so much at once.  Our goal is to help streamline the process for all of your locksmithing needs.  We work with many property managers who simply give us a call or fill out the Internet form below to request the exact service that they need. They don’t even have to meet us at the property; their trust in us saves them valuable time.  We want you to be able to schedule quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to what matters most!

REALTORS: Show your clients you care about their security by purchasing the re-key for them!  We include a COMPLIMENTARY security audit on your behalf!  For each re-key, all you need to do is fill out a very short online form, sign up for secure credit card payment, and we do the rest! You don’t even need to show up at the property; we handle that directly with the homeowner and you receive a receipt once the work is completed.  We will keep you up-to-date on the progress of their re-key, so you know exactly when the re-key is scheduled as well as completed, and then you can have the peace of mind knowing that your client is safe and secure in their new home.


The Importance of

How many people have your keys and will insurance cover your loss if someone breaks in?  When you or your clients move into a new home, it is impossible to know if the previous owners, pet sitters, construction companies, or anyone else still has the keys to the home.  Re-keying your home is one of the simplest initial steps to keeping your family and clients safe.  What’s more: many insurance companies will not cover a burglary that shows no signs of forced entry if the home has not been re-keyed.  Someone could use a key to just open the door and enter the home.  We recommend re-keying your home  THE DAY YOU TAKE OWNERSHIP.  We have many stories about new homeowners moving their belongings into the new home and then staying at their previous home to clean for one night.  The next day, they return to find all of their belongings stolen and broken —  and the insurance company would not cover the claim because the homeowner did not re-key the homeSchedule your re-key today!

Why Increase SECURITY?

According to the FBI, every 60 seconds, 64 homes are broken into in the United States.  Our goal is to change that horrible statistic.  Did know burglars can literally press on your garage, reach in with a coat hanger and disengage your garage door? Now they have full access to your home!  You can take simple steps to not become a victim.  We offer FREE Home Security Audits for your home or business.  Our locksmith will educate you as to where the vulnerabilities are and will teach you how to remedy them.  Call or contact us to schedule your FREE Audit today!

Residential SAFES

How safe are your valuables?  More significantly, what do you consider valuable?  Jewelry?  Cash?  Precious metals? How about pictures and important documents, like birth certificates?  Maybe you have things in your home you just simply don’t want stolen if there is a break-in or destroyed if there is a fire.  At Pop-A-Lock, we offer solutions for both. We can show you ways to protect the possessions that are important to you.

We can show you the difference between a big box retailer “safe” and a real fire-rated and burglary-rated safe.

Pop-A-Lock proudly sell s and installs American Security Safes —  the leader in high-quality safes. Let us show you the clear difference provided by a superior safe. Whether you need a small document safe, a large firearm safe, or even a vault door, we can help.  We also service and upgrade many different brands of safes.

Have you lost your combo?  We can help! Do you have a problem opening your safe? We can help!  If you need to upgrade to an electronic lock, we can help there too! Safes are an investment meant to protect your other investments and anything that has value to you.  Let us be your go-to company for all things for safes!


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